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The Mushroom Maxo Level Tournament

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NEW! The Mushroom Maxo Level Tournament

Post by Mushroom Maxo on Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:53 pm

Here is my new SMBX Level Tourney!

-joke levels aren't allowed
-each level needs at least one star in the level. Most notably, the main exit needs to be a star, or I will edit it so the exit is a star
-you may have custom GFX in your level submission, you may have default GFX in the level
-one level submission per user
-I may participate in the contest
-your level can't be too short or too long
-you can have an alternate playable
-give credit if you're borrowing another person's GFX

How it Will Go:
You can post in this thread telling me that you can submit a level (later, post a download link) or be a level judge. The levels will then be ranked a #/20. Depending on the rank, that will be how high or low your level will be ranked.


Deadline: November 19, 2013
(Prize not established yet)


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