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Mario the Shine Hero

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NEW! Mario the Shine Hero

Post by Mushroom Maxo on Mon May 19, 2014 7:14 pm

And now, Mushroom Maxo presents his first project! Mario the Shine Hero. This is a hub episode.

After the events of SMB3, General Guy, building a special robot clone of himself in the basement of Koopa's Castle, finds Bowser after a loud thump, and then discovers the Grande Shine when falling through an unsuspected trap door (which leads to the Titular Temple of the Underground) when taking Koopa to get posessed by a soul in a jar at his small lab in the castle. He decides to use Bowser as a sacrifice to the Grande Shine to destroy it to destroy the world. Only Mario, Luigi, SpongeBob, General Guy, and his empire are left, when they discover a teleporter that takes them to the Shine dimension, which houses all the Shine Sprites from the Grande Shine, after unlocking the door to the teleporter with all the keys from the question mark orbs from the mini-bosses in SMB3, and they embark on a journey in the kingdoms of this new dimension. General Guy sends his empire into the Shine Dimension.

-a basement full of item vaults which requires certain amounts of Shine Sprites
-Shine Sprites (duh)
-a Master World
-60 shine sprites

Mario the Shine Hero Screen9

Credits are in the folders.


Jesus77755, Fan!

Just call me Sonic.exe!

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Mario's Return to the Mushroom Kingdom -- Posted soon!
Mushroom Maxo
Mushroom Maxo

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NEW! Re: Mario the Shine Hero

Post by Mr. Mysterious on Sun May 29, 2016 1:03 pm

This seems absolutely great.So,when are you going to finish it?


Jesus77755, Fan!

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Mr. Mysterious
Mr. Mysterious

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