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Super Mario Bros. PC

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Super Mario Bros. PC Empty Super Mario Bros. PC

Post by LucasCoutiere on Fri Dec 26, 2014 6:04 pm


I am Lucas Coutière, a teenager who is on SMBX since summer 2012. I am French and sorry if my english is bad, even if I use a translation service. I would like to present my projects I've worked on.
In this topic, I'll talk about Super Mario Bros. PC, my first project. I think many will find it quite easy and like The Invasion 2.

Here are worlds:

World 1: Plains
World 2: Desert
World 3: Giant Forest and Sky
World 4: Dish
World Boss: Boss to face
World Vegetable: Type SMB2

I let you judge for yourself the game. Here is the download link, which also includes Super Mario Bros. PC 2 - Star Collection: download/9igqk9dt71cov99/Super+Mario+Bros.+PC+1+%26+2.rar
In the game, panels, dialogues and the names of the levels are in French.
Voci as the playlist of my youtube channel where you can watch videos of the game:
If you want to ask me questions, ask them on my YouTube channel.

Good game!

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