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Kirby Dream Land Remastered

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Kirby Dream Land Remastered

Post by Mr. Mysterious on Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:26 am

Have you ever wished to play Kirby Dream Land on SMBX?
Well,now you can with the episode Kirby Dream Land Remastered with Kirby as a playable(which replaces Toad) LOLWUT

Here are the screenies:   :bwi:



I know it has clashes,but it wouldnt have had them if I had the graphics.(Its called Dream Land for a reason)
There are only 5 levels,but the difficulty is hard.

Here is the  NEW!   download link: download/9pt6cs5637r14ft/  Thumbs Up

edit:Oops,I forgot the credits:
FinalSMBX gfx pack

edit2:fixed some small graphical errors and made a new download link. Arrow


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