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1st day of high school 24l5yl13

1st day of high school

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Angry 1st day of high school

Post by Mr. Mysterious on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:09 am

Today was my first day of high school.God,it was terrible.Me and my friend got so confused. Mad Everything was fine,but we entered the wrong room(we werent on the list)then we went to the other room.(they were expecting us.)But then later,my other friend had an older friend and he made us go back to the previous room,where we were hours ago.That pissed me off.I only made 2 new friends on this day and I dont know how will I go tomorrow. Mad

But still thats school,everyone has problems in it. No
BTW Fell free to tell me how were your situations in the 1st day of High School. Exclamation
Also,tell me,if you want when does your school start?

So,with this outta my mind,I wont post often here,because of the school.But Ill always find time to be here.


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1st day of high school Spnlcrxx0fwzwtszk2fm

1st day of high school Tumblr10
Mr. Mysterious
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Angry Re: 1st day of high school

Post by Jirachi on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:29 pm

I remember when school used to be a **** to deal with. The first day of high school, and it's like a ******* maze.

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