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Glitch with the SMB1 Koopa Shell

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Glitch with the SMB1 Koopa Shell

Post by Mr. Mysterious on Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:12 pm

This is what happened when I played some of the Michelfps levels.
I had encountered a SMB1 Koopa and above there was a block.So I stomped on the koopa(boring stuff).Then when I picked the shell(here comes the interesting stuff) I threw the shell upwards and it hit the block,gave me a mushroom(or a coin;not sure),but the shell was still there:stuck under the block never to fall(also the bumpy noises were heard;a lot).Funny thing is you can jump through that,and you even cant do nothing to the shell.But when you move off the screen for a while(the bumpy noise should calm down),you go back and the shell drops.

Here are the screenshots about that: Shocked



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