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Glitch with flying enemies 24l5yl13

Glitch with flying enemies

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Glitch with flying enemies Empty Glitch with flying enemies

Post by Mr. Mysterious on Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:20 am

Well I encountered this 2 times this week(while I was making my levels,Im halfway there with them-expect them tommorow or later idk). Smile

Im not sure this is a glitch,but it surely is a bug in the code.Though this must be done on a perfect frame yknow.So this is how it went.
First of all I had coins spread over the level and a flying enemy(swooper to be precise) and right when he(or his frame) went a little bit below the upper pixels of the coins(I jumped before that) and right after I stomped on the swooper the game recognized as that I jumped on the coin, picked it up and jumped away without even killing the swooper. Exclamation
The same thing happened with the flying Koopas on the other level I was doing.
I think its some bug in the code for frames n stuff.
I was lucky I guess that I encountered this too.


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