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Has a game ever made you smash something in pure rage? 24l5yl13

Has a game ever made you smash something in pure rage?

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Has a game ever made you smash something in pure rage? Empty Has a game ever made you smash something in pure rage?

Post by jesus77755 on Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:59 pm

A few incidents of this has occurred before in my life, but i'll only list a couple examples because these are truly highlights of this.

Yoshi's Island DS

I remember playing yoshi's island DS, and when I got to stage 5-6 I think, you had to get 4 orbs or some **** to unlock those doors and it was so ******* hard. I got the first three, easier said than done, then when I got to the part where you need peach to bypass those firebars in the room, I died on my way to the fourth! And on top of that you have to start all over again! ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME!? At this point, I was ******* pissed and literally took the cartridge out of my ds and threw it against the wall, while screaming F**K! as loud as possible. I have never been so disappointed in my life, just like this game. TBH when I bought this game, I literally thought this was going to be a remake of yoshi's island on the super nintendo, you know like Kirby Super Star Ultra, which was a remake of the original SNES game, but no I felt ripped off. This is false advertising, why call it yoshi's island DS if it's GOING TO BE A DIFFERENT ******* GAME!? YOU COULDN'T JUST CALL IT "YOSHI'S ISLAND 2"!? And on top of that it was made by a third party company, you know a game is **** when a game owned by nintendo is made by another company, and that's fucked up! I have never been so disappointed and angry in my life, my money spent on this game from gamestop, all went down the shitter. And this is the reason why this game was left untouched in my library for 4 ******* years!

But this isn't a first, a second incident happened just recently last week and it was Kirby Planet Robobot.

Kirby Planet Robobot

When I got to the true arena, I was down to two bosses, Galacta Knight and the Nova boss. On my first try I was doing so good until I fucked up until the last boss, it's bad enough that Star Dream had the first two phases, but now i'm expected to fight Nova, in one setting, I was almost crying at this point, my adrenaline was rushing, my heart was running marathons on this one boss, this is it, the grand motherfuckers to end all motherfuckers, and then I ******* died. A loud "F**CK" was led out after that, good lord it was traumatizing. So then a few hours later I gathered the patience to tried this 5 TIMES, 5 TIMES THIS WAS ATTEMPTED AND FAILED! I went in there with hammer kirby breezing through the first few bosses with some success, but those last two bosses are so ******* hard, and not only that but to top it all off you have President Haltmann's soul you have to deal with at the end of Star Dream, and this is coming from someone who hasn't even reached him yet and it look pure intimidating.

So I finally beat all the bosses, especially the last 3 annoying bosses, Dark Matter Clone, Sectonia, and President Haltmann, and when I reach Galacta on my 5th run, I was purely shattered at this moment, feeling pale as ever within the circumstance I was placed in and i'm thinking to myself,

         "Okay this is it, this is my last chance to redeem my self, only half a health left on me, make it count"

I lounge at him, I get hit, I lounge at him, I get hit, I LOUNGE AT HIM, I GET ******* HIT! As soon as I died, I was so ******* mad, I took the 3DS cartridge out of the system, as the message saying "OOPS, YOU TOOK THE GAME OUT, PUT IT BACK IN B*TCH", or some bullsh*t and just threw it against the wall so hard it echoed throughout the bathroom (yes this took place in the bathroom on the toilet... LIKE THE TRUE ARENA!). I picked it up again roaring like godzilla and threw it against the wall again. I'm holding the game now and noticed that a few chips are loose inside the cartridge after such force was applied and was scared that I broke the damn thing, but surprisingly it still works and plays just fine, but really I think this video sums up my reaction perfectly:

Castlevania X: Rondo of Blood

Alriiiight, last one and just a minor one but lots of fucks were said, so let's get into it. We all know Castlevania is one of the hardest games, in the earlier days they were Nintendo Hard!, because of one flaw and that is executing your jumps as it locks on to that momentum leading to your own demise. Well this happened to me with Castlevania: Rondo of Blood for the PC Engine/Turbografx 16 Bit. Despite the game looking beautiful and having gorgeous pixel art, it was taken over by hard to dodge enemies, stiff controls, planning your jumps, and one **** up can send you plummeting to your doom. What made me rage the most was Stage 5! This is the third time i'm having bad luck and it deals with the number 5, anyone else noticing a trend?

The ghostship level is ******* cancer and whoever made it should be shunned in the corner for eternity as it is accompanied by those annoying Phantom Skulls, those red robotnik servant rejects that belongs in a sonic game with fishing rods, possessed swords and blades, a ******* possessed painting where if you get touched by it, he traps you in the painting Mario 64 style and stabs you to glass shards, skeletons priests with rifles, giant enemies that looks like the incredible hulk and that giant iron man suit from Age of Ultron that throws giant bouldozer balls, and ******* fleemen on giant seaguls. Oh yeah and archer skeletons, that's basically this level. It's bad enough that you have to dodge all these enemies, (especially the ******* fleemen), but you have to fight Death/Grim Reaper at the end of the stage as he shouts a japanese line before the battle starts, while he spams sickles and scythes and you die and die and die and die AND DIE! Your best hope is to hit him as many times dodging the projectiles and as a final resort, use item crash hoping that will finish him off. It took me 60 TRIES TO GET THAT BOSS BEAT, THAT'S MORE TIMES THAN I DIED ON A BOSS IN "I WANNA BE THE GUY"!

Then there's the boss endurance, after you defeat death you have to deal with ******* shaft in what I have the say the most unfair boss endurance in the entire game. First you're accompanied by a remix of the classic castlevania nes tune, "Poison Mind", as a spinning pentagram is shown to summon inbetween bosses, first being the Giant bat which is easier said than done, then you have the medusa, then the Akmodan II, a Frankenstein Monster, and then shaft himself, WITHOUT GETTING ******* HIT! YOU'D BE LUCKY THAT THE MEDUSA GIVES YOU HEALTH AFTER BEATING HER BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY YOU'LL GET IN THAT FIGHT SO YOU BETTER MAKE GOOD OF IT!

I was so mad I ended up smashing my keyboard a few keys flew off the thing.

So after beating those disgusting abominations, shaft shows up to the party and he's like, "Hey Richter! F*ck you b*tch". And he teleports every five seconds saying random words and **** as he summons 2 orbs, some are fireballs that chase you around the room, the other is lightning shooting down towards you as it chases you, and the last being the 2 orbs itself circling around trying to hit you, all at one while you're trying to hit shaft, which resulted in so many death, I have never yelled **** so much in my life.

In the end I just said **** it and just used save states and abused the living **** out of it, and I wasn't guilty after doing that.

Honorable Mentions:

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Fighting the boss, Galamoth)

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (The Junkbot boss)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Grand Master Galaxy)

Super Castlevania IV (Stage 8 )

Kirby Super Star Ultra (True Arena)


So that's my story, what was your story, what game pissed you off so much that you ended up smashing ****, please post it down below I'd like to hear it.


Jesus77755, Fan!




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Has a game ever made you smash something in pure rage? Empty Re: Has a game ever made you smash something in pure rage?

Post by link on Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:50 am

you have issues you know that?

jk lol

for me, i would have to say, dying to the wall of flesh in terraria. I had to farm for hours just to get another guide voodoo doll, it was monotonous.

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